Introducing Goodboy Digital, the new name for Conix Games

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Been a long time, eh?!

Well the reason being that Conix Games has had a big old facelift and has now become Goodboy Digital!

The sun will soon be setting on the Conix website and redirecting over to Goodboy, so be sure to change your bookmarks and join us in our new home!

Don’t worry though, there’s already a whole tonne of cool new games and content that we’ve made under the Goodboy brand, so if you’ve missed it you can go and play awesome in-browser games on your mobile and tablet such as Run Pixie Run and Fight For Everyone.

Look forward to seeing you!

Twang the Fox – OUT NOW!

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Oh my me.

I started to think I’d never write those words, but yes our labour of love inaugural iOS bounce-a-thon is hitting iTunes stores around the globe as various clocks hit midnight.

But it buy it buy it buy it buy it buy it!!!!

So, er, yeah. Just watch out for that, as when we say OUT NOW, we currently mean Out Now in New Zealand ;) For now, here’s a link to the Kiwi flavoured version of Twang…

“But why New Zealand?!” you ask in tones both confused and concerned. WELL, that brings us to the second part of the announcement. The ever-cool, ever-kickass PikPok are our publishers! Yes sir! With a lineup of in-house titles that would many most developers blush, PikPok saw promise in our little Foxy pal and have helped us to whip him (Figuratively PETA, figuratively…) into shape.

Now go buy it and start playing the game of your LIFE! This is it! Day 0. History begins here! Well, OK, maybe not, but it’s a damn fine game and we’re sure you’re gonna love it! Our personal favourite is the iPad version as that big old screen just looks great and band drawing feels super-sweet.

And don’t worry if you start out on one device and wanna keep playing on the road – we got ya covered real nice with full iCloud progress saves!

Twang the Fox! Official Game Trailer

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Ladies & Gentlemen, allow us to introduce: Twang the Fox! Join him on an epic quest to free his cubs & reunite his family…



Hit it up in HD for high-res Foxy fun!


So! What next? How can you get your hands on Twang?! Well, the next step is to get all the nice GameCenter goodies and stuff like that all hooked up and then we should be good to go for taking Twang to town. We still don’t know if we’re gonna man-up up and publish ourselves or try to get in bed with some hot-shot publisher, but watch this space for launch info.


It’s been a long old journey, but we literally cannot wait to get this out there and let the world go hands-on!


Stay Foxy!

Who the hell’s THAT guy?!

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Oh yeah! Up there… Zipping across our updated skies… Don’t worry formal introductions will be coming very soon. In fact if you’ve ever been here before you might already have met him, or one of his ill-fated siblings.

Anyway. That guy’s name is Twang. Look out for Twang as we’ve got a whole load more to tell you about.

Aw shucks! I just can’t leave it like that. Right! Here’s a quick shot of him doing what he does best. More WILL follow soon though!

Yipee! Here I come!

New logo what now?!

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Yeah! See that up there?! Conix Games has gone and rebranded!  Well, not so much rebranded as branded-in-the-first-place. The old ‘logo’ was kinda cobbled together so we felt it was time to get things in order and come up with something that says something about who we are. And who we are is a mangy pup with a cone on his head. It’s a long story, but the important thing is that he’s here to stay. No, not just for Christmas, we’re gonna look after this little guy and make sure he gets his ointment every day.

New logo! Aw, his ears are still itchy though...

So yes, there he is – all friendly and wet nosed. We hope ya like it!